continuous inkjet printing equipment for food and drink processing and packaging

Continuous Inkjet Printing (CIJ)

SureService is an Authorised Partner for Linx class leading CIJ technology

As well as supplying new Weighing and Labelling equipment we are also able to provide Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printing technology for your production line.

What is Continuous Inket Printing

CIJ works by expelling electrically-charged ink droplets from a printhead nozzle and passing them through an electric field. Each ink droplet is tiny - just half the diameter of a human hair - and up to 120,000 of them are expelled every second. Because it's a non-contact printing method, CIJ is versatile.

It can print on most materials, regardless of porosity, size, shape or texture. What's more, its solvent-based ink dries instantly, so it's perfect for printing onto products as they move along the production lines. CIJ is used mainly to print variable information on individual products - such as dates, times, specific text, batch codes, product names and logos. This is particularly useful for providing traceability data and for complying with increasingly strict industry legislation.

Why choose Continuous Inkjet for your production line

  • Can print on almost any materials - at most speeds, and downward, side on or from underneath/and in any orientation
  • Good printing tolerance - even when surfaces are not flat or still (eg. wobbling bottles), and are 10mm or more away from the printhead
  • Relatively low capital costs
  • Range of inks available - including low evaporation, low taint and a wide colour spectrum


View Linx Continuous Print Brochure (.pdf) download datasheet LP400

View Linx CIJ Coding Printers Overview (.pdf) download datasheet LP400


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Continuous Inkjet printers

linx 8900 cij printer

Linx 8900 range

Maximum efficiency, minimal effort

Up to 5 lines of text, numbers, barcodes and QR code

Extended service intervals up to 24 months

Large, colour touch-screen with easy to use icons

IP55 and IP65 variants

Simple one-touch fluid cartridge refills - no mess, no mistakes

Self-service module for servicing in minutes with no engineer visit

Accurate, real-time output measurement on screen

Downloadable output logs for quick and accurate reporting

Carton coding 20mm high option

Advanced System Monitoring - for reliable coding for longer


linx 7900 cij

Linx 7900 range

Virtual management - for effortless productivity

18-month warranty*

Service intervals up to 18 months*

Impressive versatility - code up to 5 lines, print graphics and barcodes including Data Matrix

Create codes using a wide range of pre-defined formats

Customisable date formats

Stainless steel enclosure with minimal dirt traps and IP55-rating – with IP65 option suitable for a wide range of production environments

Sealed printhead with a valve system for clearer, cleaner startups, even after extended shutdowns

Intuitive, colour interface with WYSIWYG display

Large message store, USB message copy and transfer

Built-in web server for remote control and monitoring - no need for additional software


linx cj400 inkjet printer

Linx CJ400

Portable productive printing - easy to use and maintain

Fast, simple set up

Print up to 3 lines of information onto almost any porous or non-porous surface

IP53 enclosure - suitable for most environments

Quickly set up and change printed codes with a intuitive touch-screen interface

USB port for message back-up and transfer

Sealed printhead incorporates a valve system for clearer, cleaner startups, even after extended shutdowns

Easi-Change® Service Module - DIY servicing in minutes without complicated manuals, and no working mechanical parts thrown away

Ergonomically designed - weighs just 13.5kg making it easy to carry between lines


Case Coding

Case coding is used specifically to print large character codes onto a range of outer cases and secondary packaging.


linx IJ355 continuous printer

Linx IJ355/IJ375

High quality case coding

High resolution printing of graphics and logos, and large character, variable codes

Robust nozzle protection for optimum printing performance

Up to 70mm printing height capability with speeds of up to 33m/minute

A wide range of printing capabilities including barcodes, Databar,

Data Matrix and QR Codes

One ink canister produces tens of thousands of prints

Quick and simple, mess-free refills with no downtime

Controlled operator user levels for elimination of coding mistakes


Laser Coding

Laser coders use a concentrated beam of light, deflected by mirrors through a lens to form characters. Codes are permanent and the integrity of the packaging is maintained. Material or coating is either removed from the substrate - such as the top microns of ink from paper packaging to reveal bare card beneath - or the chemical nature of the packaging is changed to leave a mark or colour change. Ideal for high speed, high volume applications.

linx SL1 laser coder

Linx SL1

Fast, flexible and compact

10W compact CO2 laser coder

Print multiple lines of text and logos in one message, mixing text, logos and machine-readable codes

Easy installation in tight areas thanks to a compact design, multiple mounting points and down or straight shooter options

Choice of four lenses offers a wide range of marking fields, allowing for coding of larger areas, at faster speeds, or to code onto the product at a greater distance


linx SL102 laser coder

Linx SL102

Low cost, versatile laser coding

10W CO2 laser coder

Low power version for cost effective coding of more basic and lower speed applications

Designed to code a wide variety of materials economically

Multiple lens and beam delivery options provide more flexibility in coding and product installation

Reduces running costs with a 45,000* hour tube life - the longest on the market


linx fibre laser coder for production lines

Linx Fibre Laser

Simple integration into both moving and static lines

Fibre laser technology for permanent coding on a wide range of materials

Fine spot size for high quality codes

Codes large amount of info onto a small area

Air cooled for increased efficiency and less maintenance

Laser tube life of over 100,000 hours.



Please contact us for more information about any of our products, we'll be happy to help you find the right product for your production requirements.



Customer Feedback

"SureService provided us with a solution that enabled QK meats to continue supplying our major customer without having to make whole machine line changes. We have been operating with the Gemini Lightning equipment for many years now and it has been a solid performer for our needs. The whole process was delivered as planned and to timescale and budget. Following the refurbishment and upgrades machine performance and reliability has improved dramatically".
Paul Harris, Operations Manager - QK Meats Pty South Africa
"When we decided it was time to order a new labeller we were introduced to the LP400 range of VWS equipment by our local engineer. Having looked after the labelling machines on our site for many years we were able to fully trust his recommendations. The new labeller was delivered on time and installed efficiently. We were trained on the machine by the engineer following installation and he also attended to install our required product formats and templates."
Ben Gibbon, Factory Manager - D. Gibbon & Son
"When looking for a quick solution to an impending project we were offered the choice of 2nd user and new equipment and ultimately were able to order a combination of both. The 2nd User Gemini was delivered first and was installed before the scheduled requirement date. It looked immaculate considering it wasn't a brand new machine. Installation was fast and efficient. The new Octopus Automatic was delivered three weeks later and Sureservice Ltd arranged all special transport, etc. to ensure we had the machine when we needed it"
Alistair King, Engineer and Projects Manager - Tulip Boston